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I'm Randi

The Creator and Host of Situationships Podcast

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As a single black millennial woman living in a (semi) major city (Baltimore), working a professional job, side hustling, and generally adulting -- all while “looking for her husband” -- Randi knows too well that black millennials are on a quest to “have it all.” And that “all” includes a healthy, fulfilling, passionate romantic relationship. After a lifetime of singledom, 30-something Randi is looking for the cheat code to relationships.

Books, podcasts, and TED Talks are all great resources for learning about how to find and have healthy relationships. And Randi is consuming them all. But on Situationships Podcast, with guests, Randi digs into the real lived experiences of black millennials navigating their pursuits of love. The stories and advice heard on the show help listeners consider new perspectives, set healthy boundaries, and feel less alone in whatever stage of the relationship spectrum they’re in.

If you know Randi, you probably know that she’s not one for small talk. She’s the type to ask you if you’ve ever been to therapy or how you feel about your recent divorce within the first few hours of meeting you -- she doesn’t do shallow. So, she goes deep and creates a space for guests to share their truth for your (and her) benefit.

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